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Good, bad or Hulk Smash? You decide.

2 August
I am Jen, living in and working in the Silicon Valley of California. I grew up in Fresno, then followed my man out to the southwest before putting my foot down and wanting to come back to California. I work for a ginormous computer company and I volunteer for a retired racing greyhound adoption group: Greyhound Adoption California. I have a greyhound named Gus, 2 cats (Katte and Spotte) and a very loving, patient husband. I play World of Warcraft (along with about 2 million other people on the planet) and I enjoy reading, writing, arith...no nevermind. I hate math. Um...movies with lots of action, music, concerts...sleeping...um...Harry Potter, yeah I enjoy Harry Potter (see icon for obsession reference) and I'm sure a few other things I'm missing here. Anyhow...there ya go!